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Download Photo OCX  windows control 

(Only required for computers with camera's other than the main computer)


Bulk ALL Rentals format changer added to Utilities Menu

Trade Services data extract added to Utilities Menu \ Data Extract

Android Mobile Phone SMS feature added as an option contact us for further info and pricing
Requires a dedicated shop mobile phone but allows for huge discounts on a plan

Rego field added to members customer reports

eCollect database check added to new members screen

Member deposits added to Excel file of members detailed reports UPC Field added to Titles File


Entertainment Recoveries data collection extraction now on the Utilities Menu
Entertainment Recoveries added to single member extract (ALT_E)
Category selection added to Rental Stock take delete/flag function


Deposit amount for each rental price code can be set to force members deposits at transaction time
Overdue reminder SMS's can now be ediited and customised to suit individual stores
Members with over $x late fees can be blocked from hire completely set in program options
Supervisor password option added to overide the $x max late fee hire block to users/operators
Members who's details have not been updated within the last 4 months automatically pops up an amend screen
Mobile contact number added to new members approval screen
Blockbuster turns extract updated to new specifications
Ignore option added to Members Detailed custom report if the member has received sms's
Ignore option added to Birthday and missing persons report if the member has received sms's
Late fees for each club can now be capped to a maximum number of days late
Pay laters / on account and overdues can be managed seperately
Manual open cash draw with no sale now recorded on audit trail
Club selector added to Member performace 30 day reports
Member Rewards amount added to members screen


Overdues on Home screen now display the correct club overdues
Club COPY function added to rental title prices on club setup tab
Exempt returns no longer activate without subscription clubs module


Rental Titles file now has a notes field
Rentals Notes displays in return return area
Rentals Shelf number displays in return area
Scan Stock and set a new sell price added to Utilities Menu
Hire or Return of an item with status or location set warning has continue option without reseting status / location
Bulk Rental Status changer added to utilities menu
Bulk Rental Location changer added to utilities menu
Scan Rental Note changer added to utilities menu
Scan Rental Shelf number changer added to utilites menu
New password for Reduce Cash function in monies owing account


Custom Title Reports now includes from to on Rating for South Australia legilastion


Blockbuster stores Head office turns extract
Blockbuster Revenue report update
Performance reports where incorrectly adding cancelled transactions


Subcription clubs expanded exempt and only one of price codes
Print covers default changed to dvd


Bulk Stock Department Changer added to Utilities Menu
Scan Stock items to a new Deparment added to Utilities Menu
Receipt's for previous transactions can now be reprinted from Transaction Audit Trail
Rental title Clean/Polish message pop up added
SMS button added to the transaction screen free form
SMS button added to member reservations screen (reservation in reminder)
SMS button added to member home screen (late movies reminder)
New Password controls added for new sms features
Early Return / Credit time is now adjustable in Program Options
Stock detailed report now has the option to print Supplier Code
Stock detailed report Excel exported file now includes the Supplier Code
Stock detailed New supplier re-order report added which allows listing even if the re-order amount is zero
Member files overdue letters can now be set 4 for old debtors that you do not wish a letter to be printed for
Member file late fees letters can now be set 4 for old debtors that you do not wish a letter to be printed for
*Bug fix price code overflow in Sales Summary for high numbered price codes
*Bug fix dropping a Category in Sales Summary in category totals

*When serving a Member with late fees and no payment is made a reason is now asked
-Can be disabled or adjusted in program options
*Free style text message added to special offer receipt printing which print above the offer
*Expired subscription clubs no longer display expiry message on returns
*New function added daily transaction audit trail (Operator Totals (F8)
-This totals each staff member with great detail
-Deals % & $ totals of each operator see who is upselling and who's not
-Number of fees faced and % of collected and NOT collected
-Many more totals, see a glance what each of your operators is doing
-This file also exports to Excel
*Added National Default Registry / Video Defaulters database searching to new member screen
-Requires optional photo module
-Requires software from www.nationaldefaulregistry.com.au
*eCollect debt collectors added to single member extraction
*Mark down report now has seperate counter for the number of periods and item has been on a pricecode
*Sell Ex-Rental suggested number of units added to mark down report
*Ability to hide member address details added to select receipt printer (local options)
*Members owings accounts now show full title of movie returned late
*Price code added to members account for late returns
*Format size increased in members account for late returns
*New Password added for adjusting member deposits
*New password Cancel transaction with ESC
*New password Delete transaction line with DEL
*Member Deposits function added ALTD on transaction screen with a reason field
*Member Deposits tracked via the sales summary
*Member Deposit adjustments tracked via the Audit Trail
*Deposits are tracked on the sales summary & audit trail
*Alt_P price code change on Title Search (F4) has new alerting functions :
-Alert / notify of change on first hire
-Alert / notify of change when returned
-Ability to only change price code on return for items already out when change occured
*Overdue reminder letters now has option to NOT print overdue amounts on the first letter
*Audit trails records actual line deleted with (Del)
*Audit trails records complete transaction cancelled with (Esc)
*Audit Trail overdue rental now display days late & amount when returned
*Audit Trail records price code of movie returned
*Rental Title field increased to 40 chars
*Rental Title Shelf field increased to 6 chars
*Added 13 new prices code for rentals/rental pricing
*New option in Program options to disable the textured background to improve remote access speed
*Members extracted for debt collection are excluded from Promo SMS's
*Bug Fix sms length adjust in SMS mobiles (Utilities menu)
*Bug Fix refund of items showed incorrect manual adjustments on audit trail
*Member address and name can no longer be left blank on new member screen
*Faster Address match searching on new member screen


- All member reports from the preview screen can SMS members on the report
- Five changeable SMS templates are provided for promo messages
- Function to insert the members name for personal SMS's
- Function to insert member birthday for birthday wishes
- Function to insert members late fees for promo's to collect debts
- Function to limit number of sms's
- Function to send sms's based on ex-rental purchase
- Function to send sms's based on stock department purchase
- Function to change the members club on sms send
*New Feature on Reports Preview screen to open exported data directly in Excel
- Available for all reports that create a .CSV file
*New Report Stock/Confectionary SALES between dates in description order
*New Report Stock/Confectionary SALES between dates in Units sold order
*New report Stock/Confectionary SALES between dates in $ Value order
*New feature with vouchers/deals which allows automatic rental days overide
*Monies owing / debt member reminder letters added to reports menu
- 4 User definable letters with user definable headers
- Ability skip letters 2 & 3
- Note automatically added to member when letter is printed
*New Utilities\Bulk ALL Members\Reset MONIES letter counter to zero added
*New Utilities\Bulk ALL Rental Titles\Change all rentals on a price code to a new price code
*Overdue reminder letters automatically add's a note to member when printed
*Transaction screen now refresh's after an overdue movie is returned
*Audit trail unusual now records operator and amount of cancelled transactions with ESC key
*Audit trail entry now created when a members club is changed using ALT_G
*Optional Subscription clubs module when changing a members club to a paid club the Amount tender screen is displayed
*New feature Utilities\Bulk Members\Remove STD codes from home phone numbers
*New Utilities\Transfer Stock/Confectionary to another store\Export data
*New Utilities\Transfer Stock/Confectionary from another store\Import data
*New password to limit access to transfer data
*New Utilities\Bulk ALL Stock/Confectionary\Add 10% to Cost and Average Cost price
*Float value not correctly changed in some AVWin systems with large ini file

Only released to test sites

*Letter address layout now includes state and barcode has been moved out of envelope window
(To suit Australia post discount requirements)
 -Overdue reminder letters
 -Statement Letters
 -Birthday Letters
 -Missing people letters
*New features to the AVWin Photo Capture Module
 -Records actual hirer at the time of each transaction
 -This photo is automatically kept on file and in turn transferred to any lates that may be incurred
 -Photo of actual hirer is displayed in Rentals file while on hire
 -Photo of actual hirer is displayed on the HOME screen based on currently highlighted on hire item
 -Photo of actual hirer is displayed in Late fees screen based on currently highlighted late fee item
 -Unlimited photo's are recorded eg same membership used multiple times in one day (by different people) all photo's are kept on file
 -Photo's are kept on file till all items are returned and there are NO late fees associated with every rental hired 
 -Very efficient storage, only one photo is stored even though multiple items hired may occur in the one transaction
*Ecollect debt collectors now added to data extraction on Utilities menu
*Audit trail unusual now displays negative manual price adjustments made with enter or ALT_A
*Members home screen now has print statement function if they have overdue movies

*Legal & Commercial / Video Defaulters extract fix for totals this version is required for further extractions

*Legal & Commercial / Video Defaulters data extract now extracts members notes
*Legal & Commercial / Video Defaulters debt collection now has print option for user's without internet
*Mark down report now has choice of printing order either by demand % or title order
*Overdue reminder letters now have option to skip letter 2 and/or skip letter 3 
(Cuts down on reminders before overdues are returned replacement cost charged) 
*Bulk return very late movies on utilities menu now has a maximum late fee to cap the amount charged
*Bulk return very late movies on utilities menu minimum days days has been reduced from 90 to 30
*Reservation report now prints the correct category
*Blockbuster Stores Revenue report changes Version (1.16)
- Active membership calculation now excludes > 365 days old members
- Visit frequency calculation method adjusted to blockbuster specifications
- Non member (cash sales) count and amount calculation period changed to 7
- Wording on some fields changed to help with confusion on the extranet
  (Please use paste function rather than keying data, it's quicker)


*Reservations report now prints Category and Member's Phone numbers
*Top performing Titles Report maximum increase to 9999
*Top performing Members Report maximum increase to 9999
*Left on shelf on screen, report and excel file now contains category field
*Mark down report now has selection by Left on Shelf copies %
*Mark down report now prints category and Left on Shelf copies %
*New option Utilities\Setup Left on Shelf tracking has a selectable option to compensate demand % based on number days hired
(ie 2,3 and 7 Night movies increase demand %)
*Emailing Legal & Commercial from slave computers on some networks did not attach the .ENC file properly
*Overdue member letters, if a member has a matching late item once the letter is printed the letter will now include all late items they may have, not just the matching item.
*Subscription clubs module Number price codes increased for exempt and 1 only fields

*Stock take program now opens correctly

*Additional Fields added to excel MBRREP.CSV file

*Legal & Commercial extraction changes to cater for customers who use manual adjustments rather than part payments on defaulters
*Manual monies owing add (insert) line did not record operator.

*Stock receipts (F2) average cost was incorrectly totalled as Paid Monies exempt on the sales summary

*Search for a member by a KEYWORD added to name search (ALT K)
*Search for a rental title by a KEYWORD added to title search (ALT K)
*Audit trail data can now be extracted to Excel file with choices of which transactions to extract
*Float value did not save correctly in End of day 
*Legal & Commercial debt collection now has a preview of extracted data which allows removal of individual members
*Video defaulters debt collection now has a preview of extracted data which allows removal of individual members

*Fix for paid by Eftpos was carrying over a figure on a free sale on space bar
*Special offer receipt module now has seperate heading for the offer 
*Automatic special offer receipt module now has option to not print transaction details
*Version 2.40a-2.40d did not display notes in correct order

*Changes to file format for Legal & Commercial, Video Defaulters extraction 
*TItle grouping report had issues with certain shelf number choices

*SMS Bullet changed their interface which now caused AVWin to think a message has NOT been sent when it actually has!
*Enter in Stock file would not complete all fields

*Changes to Legal & Commercial, Video Defaulters extraction
*Button added to transaction screen to send single member to debt collection
*Returns more user feed back on success or failure and member notes display while returning

*Bug fix for end of day on some operating system would not create a new file
*Stock file with movie hire added to purchases screen


*End of day cashing up program with following features  on Reports/Sales Transaction Summaries->
->Till counting
->Safe drop management
->Daily wages/hours management with reporting
->Cheque payout management with reporting
->Cash Payout management with reporting
->Full admin Weekly/period balance reporting
->Full password access control limiting how much can be seen/accessed by staff members

*Overdues on screen NOW HAS AUTOMATIC SEND SMS to members ->
->Button to SMS the highlighted menber
->Button to SMS all the people on late list, with reference to the last contact date
->AVWin knows if the message is sent and automatically updates member notes and last contact date
->AVWin automatically detects mobile number from any field home, work or mobile
->AVWin automatically strips special characters and spaces from mobile number
->Provider is www.smsbullet.com.au requires credit pre-purchase, the more you buy the cheaper it gets
->SMSBULLET has NO monthly or joining fees, just pay for credits you use
->Price for 1000 credits is only 15cents each, less than 1000 they are 18cents 
->This sms module saves a huge amount of time for staff and has a lot of cost savings
->see www.smsbullet.com.au

*Overdues rentals on screen NOW has new features ->
->FROM days field added for selecting starting days for each type of overdue
->Current members notes display on the same screen
->Add quick note (F9) easy way to add a preset note about contacting the member with overdues
->Member notes can now be accessed with insert key as well as enter key
->Notes now added here are tracked and last contact date is displayed
->Green (today), yellow (previously) and red (never) icons dependant on last contact date 
->Once printed an overdue LETTER now adds a note automatically to member notes
->Overdues can be now viewed & printed shelf number order

*Video Defaulters / Legal and Commercial Data Pty LTD extract ->
->Utility added to extract and encrypt data 
->Automatically adds a note to member on extraction
->Automatically starts default email program with attachment
->see www.videodefaulters.com.au and www.legalandcommercial.com.au

*Stock/Confectionary/Retail Improvements ->
->Stock file new history fields for sales & purchases which show last 12 months $ value and number of units
(Please note these will only start recording from install of this update)
->Sales & purchases monthly field's, roll over automatically on each month
->Performance reports now output Excel (CSV) file 
->Detailed reports now output Excel (CSV) file 
->Profit/Margin Percentage added to both detailed stock reports
->Bug fix in average cost - all average costs will reset to zero with this update and be correct from now on
->Audit trail record created for Stock receiving and adjustments any minus adjustments appear on Unusaul tab

*New BULK data file cleaning functions added to Utilities menu ->
->Delete members who have not hired in ? days and owe less than $?
->Delete rentals marked inactive and not rented out in ? days
->Delete rentals not rented out in ? days
->Delete rentals on a Status code
->Delete rentals on a Location code
->Delete rentals on a Format code
->Delete stock items not sold/purchased in ? days

*Automatic delete notes function added to new member notes, with various selectable options
*Scan rentals to a new ex-rental price now changes status at the same time
*Sale Summary on screen and report now has a total for EFTPOS transactions
*Audit trail now displays transactions paid by EFTPOS
*New report added to Rental Titles Detailed / Title Grouping which combines copies together with net totals
*Rental Titles Detailed Title Grouping report output's to Excel (CSV) file
*Left on Shelf reports now output Excel (CSV) file 
*Rental Titles Detailed Report Excel (CSV) file extra fields and headings added
*Voucher trigger added based on hire amount of a transaction for fuel cards Utilities\Setup all computers\Hire Amount Special
*Sales summary REPORT formats with price code breakup increased number of digits 
*Barcode prefix checking updated in add reservations window

*Blockbuster Stores EXTRANET SUPPORT ->
->Weekly revenue reporting module now paste's data directly into the website and includes % of deals

2.39 (Released only to test sites)

*Full Refunds system added, allows refunding of a complete transaction (CtrlR) in transactions
Refund must be active with CTRL R prior to starting the transaction to be refunded
*Refunds total added to sales summary screen and report
*Refunds tracking on Unusual tab of Audit trail report
*RefundS password in operators/user file
*Sales summary format tab(F7) with price code breakup increased number of digits to $999,999
*Returns : Reservation Returning Box allows over scanning of next return
*Hires : Seen Before Box allows over scanning of next hire 
*Passwords adjust member credits and swaps seperated into 2 passwords
*Automatic averaging of cost price added to Purchases in stock file
*Average cost price displayed on stock file screen
*Profit amount and percentage added to the stock file screen
*Member account statements and letters now include the words "TAX INVOICE"
*Password logon box adjusted for focus control problems being experienced on some operating systems
*Audit trail unusual tab now list in the same order as the other tabs
*Audit trail search/loading speed increased by 100%
*Price code of returned rental now displayed

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